About Jon’s Songs

Over the past few years I’ve been writing songs for the 10.30 congregation at St Andrews Anglican Church in South Brisbane.  I’ve started this page to publish them, mainly so that other musicians in the church can find them and use them.  If you’re from another church and see or hear something you like, please feel free to use it with appropriate attribution.  Let me know if you have – I don’t expect to make any money but knowing they’re used will make me happy, and you want that, don’t you?  On the other hand if you’re a recording artist or publishing company and want to use something, I expect my cut of the profits.

There’s nothing flash here.  I play guitar and sing, and I don’t read music very well so mostly play by ear.  However, I found that for some weird reason the other members of the band couldn’t play what was in my head, and needed to be provided with sheet music.  I’ve created the scores using Melody Assistant by Myriad Software (http://www.myriad-online.com/en/index.htm) which is a bit like Sibelius but way cheaper. 

When everyone’s there our band includes a clarinet, trumpet and alto saxophone.  These people use Bb and Eb score respectively which means they’re allergic to music in the key of D.  This happens to be the key I most often write in.  Hence many of these songs have been transposed into the key of Eb, which makes it easy for them while I just use a capo.  I’ve also put the Bb and occasionally Eb score on the site for you.

As well as creating sheet music Melody Assistant produces little midi files and I’ve uploaded these so you can hear the melody.  These are not, however, necessarily identical to what I play (did I mention I play by ear?) and I’m happy for other people to mess with them too.  If I ever get around to recording them I’ll post the recordings instead, but that would take effort and organisation so don’t hold your breath.

I also keep another blog to publish my thoughts on various subjects – visit it sometime!

NEWS FLASH!!  I’ve just added another page and uploaded some songs I recorded a little while ago.  Check them out, you may even hear something you like.

4 Responses “About Jon’s Songs” →

  1. Ellie Scott

    July 18, 2010

    Looks good Jon. A good resource. Thanks for putting your stuff up. When we get back to Oz I’ll be interested in sitting down with you and seeing what Melody Assistant can do, and if it will work with voice as the instrument.

  2. I’d be happy to do that Ellie – sadly it’s not one of those magic programs that writes the score for you, you have to write it yourself but it plays back so us ear-based musos can tell if its right.

  3. Great site Jon, will take some time to hum along and should get myself down to that 10.30am service. I am on a worship sabbatical while I recover form the Kennedy era at South Brisbane.


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